Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring in Vermont

So to add to the list of why I'm getting really old (I took a crockpot to a potluck last night, y'all), I apparently only blog post about the weather.

I almost posted an adorable picture of a lamb for a 'Happy Spring' post the other day, but couldn't work out the photo and if things in my life aren't ridiculously easy to accomplish these days, they just don't happen. Like how I don't have laundry in my building and hence have worn bikini bottoms as underwear to school, not once, but twice this year.

So, I was amused by my lameness when I tried to post that and realized that my last post was about autumn and was sad I'd missed winter. HOWEVER, Vermont came to the rescue this morning when I woke up and it was SNOWING. LIKE FOR REAL. IN APRIL. ALMOST MAY, PEOPLE. And it's still snowing, several hours later. So now I can post about winter and spring, and this sort of efficiency works well with my life right now. So here you go, 'Spring in Vermont'.

I went for a run and got hit directly in the eye by no less than 5 big, wet, clumpy snowflakes. This snow means business! I talked to my winter-fearing sister Jenna yesterday and tried to convince her that it in fact Vermont was not a terrifying place to visit...'No, no we're totally up to the mid-60's' and 'I got so much sun on Saturday' were totally canceled out by my 'IT'S SNOWING!' text this morning. She might come visit in August. Maybe.