Monday, October 24, 2011

3 Wise Women

Hi!  So, turns out my brilliant plan to update my blog and start blogging regularly while doing my much less busy Family Medicine rotation while holed up in a big old white farm house in rural Maine, got a wrench thrown in it.  And that wrench is that the farm house is SO rural that internet has in fact, not reached it yet.  What?! you say...somewhere in America does not yet have internet?  Apparently, my friend, it's true, and that place is Gouldsboro, Maine.

No internets here.  Only lobsters. 

So, I managed a few updates to the blog snatching internet from a coffee shop 30 minutes away (it's the closest one. For realz.) and my trips into 'The City' (aka Bangor, ME) to visit the International Man of Mystery.  There will be more to come though!  November's looking more internet accessible, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, and more importantly, 3 wonderful ladies have had birthdays in this month!  And as different as they are, I feel okay honoring them all in the same post, because despite their differences they are all going to make huge impacts in this world in their chosen paths.  These are some fierce, caring, intelligent women that I am oh so very proud to know.

#1 My little sister, Jenna, turned 22!
She's this sister.  The University of Georgia made a video about how awesome she is.  Seriously.  Check it out here if you want to see her face (very close up mind you!).  She's graduating this year and is going to take the world by storm, because she is a force, a really, really beautiful one.  And she has always let me take ridiculous pictures of her, like the one I just found below.  Love you so much banana!

#2 My high school friend, Susannah, turned 29!
I have never met someone who has worked so hard solely to be of service to others.  She actually worked really hard as an intern at a non-profit the summer we lived in NYC during college...she does an amazing job of visiting all her friends no matter how far flung we are (below when she visited me in VT last year!)...she went to business school and subjected herself to learning accounting (ew!) so that she can make the world a better place...and she spent last summer in South Africa helping a rural community start their own business which you can read about here, on her very thoughtful many people's lives are better for knowing her and that number is only going to grow.

#3 My medical school friend, Erica, turned 26!
I told Erica the other day that if she ever ran for president, I would totally campaign for her.  I think that's the best way to describe her.  I've never met anyone so utterly capable, passionate about the world, and full of bundles of energy and joy for life.  Her energy makes you want to sign up to run marathons, learn about the immune system, and go on sunrise hikes at 4am.  This photo is from an epic roadtrip we took across the US.  Look out for her impact on the world of Women's Health as she becomes an OB/Gyn, which you can read about on her blog: here.   

Happy, happy birthday lovelies!