Friday, May 10, 2013


I am now officially out of my 20's.

I had been rounding up to 30 
for a few months before I actually turned 30,
you know,
you want to try a new decade on for size 
before you purchase it.

I have more to share on that transition later,
it involves sequins.
Lots of sequins and feathers and crowns.
Pretty typical.

I just stumbled on this amusing article about mistakes to make in your 20's,
and liked #20.

#20. Fall in love with everyone and everything – cities, people, bodegas, McDonald’s hashbrowns, weird little lumpy rocks, men pretending to be architects, pocket squares, old television shows, countries, Bette Davis, recent parolees, an entire floor at Bergdorf Goodman, peacocks, Victorian mannequins, Beetlejuice (movie and person), one specific brick at Grand Central station, my postman (Preston), snapdragons, old women in Chanel, Playboy bunnies, the Prince of Luxembourg, all manner of nicknames – and do so every four minutes for the rest of your life. Let yourself get capsized by great tidal waves of love at completely unpredictable intervals. You will have to try to be very, very brave to do this. Be a little reckless, in spite of that fact that it is a certainty that some of these loves will wreck you. But in the end, you’ll be a magnificent piece of wreckage. You won’t make it out of this alive, but, cheer up, no one does. And I think, at the end, you will feel so much gratitude that you were here at all, in this strange, colorful, noisy, deadly world, whose very creation seems like the most endlessly inventive, amusing, wonderful sort of mistake.

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I'll try to remember to do so every four minutes
for my 30's.