Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Banana birthday!

Today is my littlest sister's 21st birthday,
so I thought I would tell you my
21 favorite things

1. She's the funniest of the sisters. Sorry, M & K, but it's true. She's hilarious.

2. She's kind of stunning and puts herself together so well.

3. But also loves dressing up (a Buckley pastime if there ever were one!)...

4. And is epically talented at making ridiculous faces...

5. I really admire her dedication to her passions, especially soccer.
She has so much raw talent, but also works very, very hard and never settles for less than her best.
I am much lazier than that.

6. That she let me pretend she was my own live doll to play with when she was a little banana. Such a cute little banana!

7. Her fierceness.
She will be a phenomenal business woman because she navigates the world with such confidence, assertiveness and general all-starness.

8. She makes love important. She has been with this guy since they looked like this at her 16th birthday...

and now they look like this at her 21st...

9. Her hands. She has those enviously graceful fingers with perfectly formed nails. That even look good with camo. If that's not talent, I don't know what is.

10. Her ambition. Homegirl knows what she wants and she goes for it. And everyone who knows her knows not to get in her way. [This girl, clearly, does not know her. Amateur.]

11. She put up with a lot being the youngest and let us call her all sorts of things...tutti-frutti, fruity, princess, banana, henna (henna is her favorite, you should all start calling her henna...)...

12. That we can be so different
(I have dreadlocks, she has straighteners
I shop at thrift stores, she wears pearls
I want to drop out of society and she wants to grab it by the reins)
so similar (remember that dressing up thing?),
and love each other so much.

13. She loves hippos and milk duds. A lot.

14. She turns a different race than the rest of us in the summer, but still lets us be related to her. It's cool.

15. She can eat more than anyone I know and will be the first to tell you that. I've seen her take down a large ice cream cone and large Blizzard in one sitting.
And not even break a sweat.

16. She loves her family.

17. She's growing and allowing herself to change so much.
For example: Traveling to Africa and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Bad a#$.
For another example (one clearly more indicative of personal growth): She made fun of me when she first found out I have a blog, now she texts me to tell me when she likes it. :)

18. She handed down older sisterly advice to the rest of us.
Like reminding us when we should pluck our eyebrows and teaching us how to shop for clothes that fit us properly.
Ok, really she just taught us how to be girls.

19. She never just eats a meal she orders. She always picks it apart/rearranges it/changes it somehow, but never with any predictable pattern. It's fascinating to watch!

20. That she is my sister and I get to stay up late talking and laughing in bed with her whenever I want.

21. How much I have learned from her.
Happy birthday Jenna!
I hope you have an amazing day,
love you more than anything,
and can't wait to celebrate with you in a couple weeks!

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  1. Bucklaaaaaays! Judging by Jenna's fbook pic, I think we're about to enter another phase of Buckleymorphs. She and Brad look... pretty much the same, just with more hair! I CAN'T BELIEVE she is 21 now! She was in first grade when y'all got here! I love the Buckley girls. Happy happy birthday to Jenna!