Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Dreamin'

In order to prepare for my major kidney test on Friday,
I've been looking at boots.
I've been craving a good, brown leather work/Victorian (it's a fine line) style boot.
I found this *perfect* pair on Polyvore
(where the fun collage was made. warning: do not go to this site if you have a kidney test on friday. seriously, annie, wait til after the test),
but alas they only ship within Britain.
(Why do I not live in Scotland anymore??)
I would love a pair like the gorgeously handmade Vintage Shoe Company chukkas, but really can't justify spending that much on boots at this point in my life.
(aka the point where I instead have to spend hundreds of dollars for the honor of taking a Board exam. yikes!)
I found a good selection on Zappos though.
Which one's your favorite?
Fall Wants

1. Collage: Polyvore 2. Vintage Shoe Company, Lilly $269. 3. Diba, Glor Ria $129.95. 4. White Mt. Arcadia, $63. 5. Steve Madden, Wespoint $109.95. 6. Aldo, Mcspedon $70. 7. Steve Madden, Cameronn $129.95. 8. Nine West, Peroxy $98.95.
p.s. Apologies for the lack of blogging...my computer was a little whack so I turned it in to get fixed up, but the loaner computer they gave me is totally whack for blogging and driving me nuts.


  1. i'm on the site right now...


    oh my goodness, coat!!

  2. boots #5 are super sassy those would look great with your jean shorts- I love the buckles...but then I saw pair #6 and those would look so hot with a black mini and a huge brown leather belt. Why aren't there pictures of your madonna outfit? I mean, that pink deer dress is ridiculously cute, but did you see how hot you were in that white lace top, white linen pants, and decadent cross hanging off your shiny gold chain..ai-ai-aeeee!

  3. Number 5 all the way...i've tried on so many similar pairs here but finding it so hard to part with the pennies...It's almost more fun to keep trying on different pairs! If you want any shipped let me know...there are ridiculous amounts/styles of this type on the high street at the mo...unfortunately it's now too cold to wear them here with jean shorts! x