Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surgery so far...

I've seen: more sunrises in a row than ever before in my life.
(also more butts, but the sunrises were prettier)

Thing I didn't know existed: an anoscope,
it's like the speculum for anal exams.

I worked: my first 80+ hour week...the first week of rotations.


I hate to say it, but the stereotypes have thus far proven to be true:
brutal hours, intensity, impatience in the operating room, 'pimping', feeling stupid 90% of the time.

Choice quotes:
Me: "What's in a Chem 6?" Attending: "Oh, this is going to be harder than I thought. You really are a medical student." [shakes head, laughing]

Attending to another student:
"You might want to do some reading before the next cases because I am going to pimp the f*&^ing s#$% out of you."

Resident to me: "You're leaving already?? Wow..." [condescendingly at 4pm when I'd been there since 5am]

But there have been some amazing, shining moments also:

*Some of the doctors and residents are really, really great teachers.
*I love learning IN the hospital and having clinical lectures that are relevant to what we're doing in the hospital.
* My first patient I saw in the ER, in the operating room, and after the operation when we saw her the next morning: "I remember you. You're the one who held my hand."
*Learning the system, the parts I value and the parts I hope to avoid in my practice.
*Feeling like I've actually started my medical training now.

"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." David Brinkley


  1. Um holy shit. Is that you in full surgical getup?? I honestly have no idea how you are doing this. You amaze me.

  2. I love that you were the one holding her hand! And also how perceptive and critical (not in a negative way) you are about what works and what doesn't. I'm so so happy you're one of of our world's future physicians!