Sunday, September 25, 2011


 My sister (in the white UGA uniform) is a bada&$.   
I got to go to one of her soccer games on my way back from 
Florida to Vermont.
You see, right after this picture was taken,
the girl in the blue was on the ground and 
Jenna was on her feet like no big deal.
I got to spend 2 blissful weeks in Vermont.
I felt better the minute I walked off that plane and smelled the pastures.
It's amazing how you don't realize you're just surviving,
until you get to a place where you thrive.


Now, I'm in Maine starting my Family Medicine rotation tomorrow.
This is not a picture of Maine.
But I wanted to leave you with a beautiful picture
while I update/redesign the blog.
Or at least try to.
The plan is to come back bigger and better!
But I'm not even sure how to get the header to be centered anymore (anyone??),
so this make take a while.
Hopefully sparkly gowns last you as long as they last me.

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  1. Wheeee! Hooray for Vermont and Maine and kickass seesters! (And sparkly gowns, doy.) No idea on the blog header -- google it? -- but I'm looking forward to seeing the changes! xoxo