Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New York

Photo credit: Tammy & Pete Gilpin!

 I just went back to NYC for a wedding the other weekend, which was wonderful.
But as I changed into my wedding attire in a midtown Starbucks bathroom that smelled of urine, 
I thought,
I don't really miss living in the city.

I loved it when I did,
and sometimes I get nostalgic,
and I certainly miss my people there.
But when it comes down to it,
I'm more Vermont than New York.

In light of the recent anniversary of 9/11,
Forbes ran an article called 
"Fifty Important Lessons New York City Taught Me".

I liked some of them,
and would also add that living in NY is great training for working on a psych unit. 

Here are my favorites:
(Whole article here.)
1) Walk 
Manhattan’s density encourages it (as do expensive cab fares), but wherever you are, if you have the time, find an excuse to put feet to pavement.

3) What We Crave  
Whatever shape the economy’s in, millions of people continue to pay an absurd premium to toil and escape in New York City. That’s because deep down—more than any specific satisfaction or vice—we all crave possibility. In that sense, NYC might be the world’s greatest brand: It makes you feel (goofy as it sounds) like anything can happen.

8) Find A Role Model

Teachers provide tools, and mentors offer support, but role models set targets. Good luck without one—and that goes for teenagers and business owners.

13) Heroes Are Everywhere 
Everyone in my apartment building who had left for work on 9/11 prior to the attacks wasn’t allowed home for 10 days during the evacuation. Meanwhile, our then-superintendent slept in the lobby the very first night to make sure all the pets—32 floors worth—had enough to eat. You’re a hero, Gus.

14) You Can Only Control What You Do 
That one’s bigger than the five boroughs combined.

22) Chat Up A Cabbie 
A cab ride is an opportunity to get cheated (perhaps), to get carsick (likely, depending on the time of day), and to learn something (always). Just don’t take the dude’s stock tips.

26) Have A Ritual (Part 1)
Sunday morning at Petite Abeille, in Tribeca, with a Belgian waffle, a pool-sized latte and back issues of the New Yorker.

30) Be Alone
Not all the time—just long enough to hear yourself.

31) What It Takes   
Talent gets you invited to camp; determination gets you on the team; teamwork gets you on the field; confidence gets you on the starting unit; love for the game keeps you there. And too many sports metaphors get you smacked in the face.

32) If You Present A Problem, Present A Solution
Otherwise you’re just a whiner, and no one likes a whiner.

39) Ask For What You Want  
“No” is a mild cut. Regret is a cancer.

41) Always Ask: “And Then What?” 
The answer might surprise you.

45) Catch Up With Clifton
Every weekday morning for nearly 10 years, a short, wiry gentleman with a Caribbean accent, grey hair, cherubic smile and kind heart camped out with a newspaper at the south exit of the Rector Street subway stop, three blocks from Ground Zero. I hope you’re well, Mr. C.

50) Every Day Is New
In 14 years, I rarely needed a reminder. And still don’t.

I love short trips to New York; to me it is the finest three-day town on earth.
- James Cameron


  1. After just one (all beit almighty) holiday, I miss New York...there is just something about the place that I crave every so often...meanwhile I pointed your picture choice out to Mr Gilpin...I think he wants my name removed from the credits ha ha!! X T

  2. That was such an amazing visit!! Yeah, there's no where quite like NY. Haha, maybe I'll add baby Gilpin to the credit too!