Monday, January 27, 2014

RECAP/ April #2

Birthday celebration:
Part 2!

This was the first of many times seeing my family 
in the spring and summer.
They had gotten tickets for the first ever concert at the Georgia Football stadium.
The Gibson Bus for the tailgate.
As you do, as you do.

I love me some country

But this shall we put it...
a cultural experience for the beau.
He'd never before seen the parade of Southern girls with blonde hair, sun dresses and cowboy boots.  
A far cry from Vermont flannel.

My sister Jenna showing off the bus.

There are guitars inside!

 The beau strumming barefoot.

Expressing my love of the Edge on the bus.

 The beau had a bit more passionate love for B.B.


 Nope, just drinking water here...


So much country!

End of the evening pizza.
Can we talk about how amazing this photo is?
They are besties.

Not sure if gets much better
than to get to celebrate twice with friends and family for your 30th!

Don't you know,
Ain't nothing in the whole wide world
Like a southern girl.
-Tim McGraw

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