Friday, July 2, 2010

24 Style

I love full days, when at the end of the day you can't believe that what you did in the morning was still part of the same day because you've had so many experiences. July 1st was one of those days.

12:00am: Last run through of my apartment leaving notes for my sub-letter who was arriving.

12:30am: Crash at my friend's place.

4:08am: Text [is that my alarm? I hope to god that's not my alarm.] from my sister asking when she's supposed to pick me up from the airport.

4:30am: Oh that's my alarm.

5:55am: Flight from Burlington to D.C. with THE most enthusiastic pilot ever. He gave us a speech from the front of the aisle, not over the loud speaker, thanking us for flying with him because he LOVES his job and we allowed him to continue to fly. He then proceeded to walk down the aisle talking to people individually. Intense.

8:30am: Flight from D.C. to Atlanta.

10:30am: Picked up by my SISTER who I hadn't seen in 6 months!

11:30am: Straight to an early lunch with Papa Buckley at El Azteca, our fav Mexican restaurant. Cheese dip fix: check.

1pm: Home to the new Buckley pad on the lake and straight onto the wakeboarding boat!

2:30ish: Take my turn on the wakeboard.
Attempt #1: Rope comes straight out of my hands. Whoops.
Attempt #2: I'm up! I'm outside the wake! I catch my edge aaaaand face plant!
Attempt #3: Up! Outside the wake. Eventually edge my way back into the wake. Hanging out riding as the boat turns and then BAM! Super face plant. Brain-rattling face plant. Apparently it made such a good noise Marissa thought I'd hit the board. And I think I'm done for the day.

8:00: Delicious salmon dinner with the family.

8:50: Jenna decides she wants frozen yogurt. The closest place closes at 9. We contemplate attempting it. Realize we won't make it. Begin search for a place that is open later. Discover Tutti-Frutti.

9:00: We pile 8 grown adults into a Ford Explorer and head out in search of frozen yogurt. [Please note, this is a pretty standard quest for the Buckley family.]

9:30: Create a frozen yogurt masterpiece of vanilla and pomegranate frozen yogurt topped with blackberries, kiwi, mango, blueberries, brownie bits, gummi bears, rainbow sprinkles, and fruity pebbles. SO GOOD. So nice to be with a family that aids and abets such behavior.

12:00: Fall asleep next to my sister at a lake in Georgia when I started the day in Burlington, Vermont...

Good day.

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