Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday Flea Market

I heart flea market treasures...

This beauty makes me want a landline like woah.
Old timey bank.

Tea light lantern.

Sweet serving platters!

This one killed me. Unassuming black book, usually a promising flea market find...

Filled with typed poetry and excerpts from books!

Country? Heaven? Yes.
Flea market gold. Struck.

Flea marketing (verb? 'tis now!) outfit
[please note I'm not sure I've purposefully shown my midriff since, oh, circa 2001, but I have a feeling this is the summer of midriff. Consider yourself warned.]:
Shorts: Target clearance rack several years ago. My sister made fun of me.
Shirt: Stolen from my mom's Goodwill giveaway pile.
Bandana: Stolen from Dad's closet.

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