Thursday, April 14, 2011

Clinical Pearl

This photo has nothing to do with this post but is a teaser for my Vermont weekends post.

And then sometimes, there were amazing shining examples, veritable beacons of hope in a medical wasteland.

Dr. Awesome: What do you think the most important thing on this sheet is?

He was waving the sheet of paper that nurses put outside your exam room when you go to see the doctor. I had often grabbed that sheet looking for information about the patient before going into see them, but found that it didn't have any health information or even why they were here to see the doctor; it only contained insurance information and was really for the patient to check out with at the end of the visit.

Me: To see whether the patient has insurance or not?

Dr. Awesome: Wow, is that really the kind of doctor you think I am?

I want to eat my words.
No, not at all!, I want to say, I think you're Dr. Awesome. I've just apparently let myself become jaded in 3 short weeks.

Dr. Awesome: It's to see when their birthday is. Because if their birthday is coming up I like to wish them Happy Birthday.

And that is why he is Dr. Awesome.

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