Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ways in which Surgery is like Star Wars

In the many, many hours I've spent standing and observing surgeries over the last several weeks,
I've come to notice how much we are living in what I imagined to be the future and how much that reminds me of Star Wars.

Star Wars had R2D2.

The hospital has "TUG", a robot that delivers lab results and supplies all over the hospital.
He has his own elevator and he talks to you when he's arrived at his destination.
He's adorable and I want to hug him sometimes.
I feel the same way about R2D2.

Star Wars has battle droids.

The hospital has Artis Zeego (even sounds like a Star Wars name!), a machine that takes real time video pictures of the blood vessels during vascular surgery.
He moves by remote control and lets you see what you're doing inside the body.
Totally the future.

Star Wars has Darth Vader.

Surgery also has men in masks that I would be devastated to find out were my father.

We had our oral exam today.
I have my last 4:30am morning tomorrow (at least until Ob/Gyn),
and our Shelf Exam (standardized test) on Friday.

Then hopefully I'll have more time to tell you about the AMAZING wedding I went to in Northern Ireland and all the beautiful Vermont weekends I had during this clerkship.


  1. Loving the comparisons! Also wish you all the best for exams...and can't wait to read your opinions on that AMAZING wedding you went to! Heard the bridal party were all stunners!!! Mwah x

  2. I loooooove this post. St. Mary's hospital should buy a tug.