Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm sorry, did I sound smug in my last post? 
 I must have sounded smug because the universe decided to take me down 
a couple (hundred) notches.
That involved me waking up in the middle of the night to scramble out of the treehouse 
to puke in the bushes.
After a couple of rounds of said puking,
I thought I might be okay to go back to bed 
only to wake up and puke into my sarong!
(That doesn't work very well, fyi.)
The real low point though was when 
I decided to get in the shower to clean the sarong
and ended up on my hands and knees puking in the shower.

Photo from food poisoning in Peru...but I looked pretty similar today

After cleaning myself up I snuggled myself into a hammock outside
(easier access to the bushes than from in a treehouse)
hugging my pillow and a trashcan.

A few more dry heaves into the trashcan as the sky was getting light,
then I was able to sleep all morning.

The super sweet hostel owner thinks it's because of the red algae in the ocean right now,
and that his friend across town had the same thing.  

Either way,
I was able to manage some ritz crackers, ginger ale and powerade,
the fever/chills/muscle aches are going down,
and I haven't puked for over 12 hours now.

Travel is so glamorous!

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  1. Brutal. If you can beat malaria, you can beat this!