Monday, March 12, 2012

Thin Places

I stumbled upon this article from the NYT,
and love that that feeling of transcendent places,
wherever they may be,
has a name.
Thin Places,
where the distance between heaven and earth is thinner.

Where are your thin places?

I agree that Powell Bookstore in Portland, OR is one for sure.
You can lose yourself in time there, and I feel like books find you there.
 Right, Erica? Michael?

Camp Rutledge in Rutledge, Georgia
 is an unlikely, red clay holy place
where people pull heaven a little closer.

Photo: From

The Taj Mahal is a place that doesn't falter under the weight of expectations.
It really is as peaceful 
and as beautiful as you hope.

And I'm hoping that Osho Hall,
where we have our silent meditations
will become thinner and thinner as the week progresses.


So tell me, what are your thin places??

A pilgrimage may be to a place with personal memories,
or a holy place where for generations people have prayed and sought God.
Everyone's starting point
and journey
is different,
inside- and outwardly.
-Celtic Daily Prayer

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