Friday, June 29, 2012

Perfect Vermont Weekend

People always ask me why I love Vermont,
and there are so many reasons.
Its beauty, its people, its progressiveness.

But mostly it's just so easy to live beautifully and how I want to live here.

Exhibit A: The Weekend I Got Back from Georgia


I walked down the street to the convenience store and bought root beer.
My neighbor left a stack of free magazines in her yard, so I snagged a few.
I rode my bike on the bike path to the beach on Lake Champlain to meet my friends.
We lounged on the beach, swam, played with their puppy.
Then we rode our bikes to get maple flavored soft-serve ice cream (called Cremees!) by the waterfront.
Went and got a locally brewed beer at a restaurant out on the pier where my friend knew the bartender.
Got picked up in a truck and whisked off to the drive-in movie theater.


Drove out to Plainfield to my friend Annie's 
where they had grilled local pork chops and corn from the farmer down the road.
We drank beers
and played wiffle ball 
and inspected their garden and maple sugaring shack and old barn filled with treasures
and walked around the neighboring fields.

Heavenly living.
This is why I love Vermont.

Up this weekend?
Street wide Yard Sale
More Beach Time

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