Saturday, June 30, 2012

Facebook Inspiration

I spend too much time on facebook, but then sometimes when I'm feeling a little lost, I find some amazing inspiration that my friends have posted...which keeps me coming back.
#1 This quote stolen from my friend, sent to him by his friend: 
"My advice is to be careful, and by that I mean you should recklessly pursue the limitations of life without hesitation or restraint. If you are not careful, it will all pass you by, and time wins... We mustn't give time even the slightest victory over eternal moments." 
 #2 This video about education: 
#3 This amazing speech about medicine and what it should be:
To Isaiah

Click on them, you'll be glad you did.
"You are not confused; the world is. You need not forget your purpose, even if the world does. Leaders are not leaders who permit pragmatics to quench purpose. Your purpose is to heal, and what needs to be healed is more than Isaiah's bone marrow; it is our moral marrow—that of a nation founded on our common humanity. My brother, a retired schoolteacher, tells me that he always gets goose bumps when he reads this phrase: “We, the people . . . ” We—you, and me, and Isaiah—inclusive." 
-To Isaiah, Dr. Donald Berwick

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