Monday, July 2, 2012

Half Year Recap

Oh hey July!
Where did you sneak up from?
Well, since we are somehow now halfway through 2012,
I thought I'd do a quick photo recap/gratitude moment
to make sure 
I realize and appreciate all that has happened so far!


*Rang in the New Year in Charleston with an Oyster Roast and my best friend.

*Finally got to do my first clinical rotation in Vermont and learned how to deliver babies with a pretty good view of sunrise on the overnight shifts.


* Got to go back to sunny St. Andrews Scotland to celebrate the wedding of 2 of my good friends
and to catch up with other good friends!

*Finished my 3rd year of medical school clinical clerkships. Wept with joy that that was over.

 *Went to freakin' Costa Rica for some hilarious times with a great crew.

*Had the most amazing rejuvenation at Pacha Mama.

 *Did a reading month learning all about psychiatry.

*Celebrated my amazing friend's 30th birthday with a reunion of our high school friends in North Georgia.


*Had a unicorn birthday party with my family.  As you do.

*Moved out of my car.  And into a lovely house in Burlington!

*Did my Medicine Acting Internship.

*Went camping with some very flexible people 
(Charlie. Second from the left. Check it.)


*Drove home to Georgia, getting to see friends in NYC and DC along the way!
Hello home!

*Got to see my baby sister Jenna graduate from UGA! Go Banana!

*Went to my cousin's beautiful wedding Florida.

*Studied for an took Step 2 of the Medical Boards Exams.


*Inadvertently took some post-boards vacation,
which involved...


*Music Festivaling at Bonnaroo


*Roadtripping back up to glorious Vermont.

*And today I started my Psychiatry Acting Intern rotation.

I seriously did not realize that much had happened this year.
it's been a good year so far,
and it's only getting better.

So, what are you grateful for this year so far?

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  1. Woo damn! You've had a big one already, for sure. As for me, I am eternally grateful for friends -- home, school, camp, Germany, etc. -- and weddings/birthdays/reunions that bring us together. I am also grateful for my new job that doesn't suck (and its attendant unsucky coworkers). Oh, and Little Man (he just jumped up to say hi). Otto too.