Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 3rd of July!

Apparently Burlington celebrates on the 3rd.
With an epic firework show over Lake Champlain.
I went to my friend Mayo's house, that overlooks the lake.
Back yard.
Tiki torches.
Big band music.
Hundreds of boats bobbing in the lake like a sea of fireflies.
And fireworks bursting over our heads.
It was a dreamy, perfect scene.

Then a fife & drum band dressing in colonial attire appeared on the street,
which apparently happens every year,
and piped American anthems up and down the street with all of us marching after.
Then neighbors stood on the street and talked,
kids ran around waving sparklers and flags,
and the humid summer night air wrapped us all in the scent of honeysuckle.

I love this land.


  1. God bless the USA!
    Haha, nice catch KP...and happy bday!!