Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank You & My Closet

Thank you all for that wonderful, lovely support
on here, on facebook, and in person!

I'm so excited about letting dreams become expansive
and seeing where they go!
(I promise that thank you and my closet will be connected by the end of this post.)

You see,
I spent the weekend purging my room,
getting rid of things
I don't need or use.
In order to prepare for these adventures.

And in doing so, reorganized my closet
and rediscovered some gems hidden in the back.
Which inspired me to actually create some outfits!

I've been rotating some pretty staid work outfits for the last year or so,
and need to spice it up.

I will be doing 'Krista's Closet' posts.
(Anatomy of an Outfit is sadly already used by another wonderful blogger)
I don't do high fashion.
I don't ever look polished.
I'm not super trendy,
but I will try to keep it entertaining!
I'll also be posting some items on Etsy,
to raise funds for said adventures.
I call this: Vermont business-casual.

 Jeans: Lucky brand
Shirt: Found on the side of the road in Barre, VT
Jacket: J.Crew Outlet
Hat: Carhartt from Salvation Army
Mug: Anthropologie

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