Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I last minute decided to jump in the car with my friend Erica on her trip to Boston on Friday.
She was driving her visiting parents down to see her sister
and then to catch a flight to London with her dad's parents.

Her parents drove.
We sat in the back and told them about our day at school.
Then fell asleep.
It felt so luxurious to have parents around and taking care of us.

I went to an amazing dinner with her family at Ole,
a Mexican place with the fish tacos I've ever had. Ever.

Then went to her sister Grace's and joined the year 2010 by finally watching

I forgot to take pictures of all of these parts.
But let me tell you,
It was super to go to bed at 11pm on a Friday night!

In the morning we went to get sticky buns and lattes at Flour.
And I remembered I had a camera.

Then met up with my friend Hanna for second breakfast, just like the good hobbits we are.
Hanna and I worked together in an architecture firm in NYC.
Hanna is actually an architect.
I am not.
In fact, she is currently getting her Masters in Architecture.
At Harvard.
No biggie.
She is beautiful, hilarious, conscientious, fun, and talented.
And wears pink well.
It was so good to see her!


There is a train there.
And you best believe we got on it.

And it took us to the house Erica's mother grew up in.
And her grandfather gave me a wonderful tour of what he kept referring to as his "magic house" because it was filled with so many family memories.
I love that.
And then he showed us these amazing scrapbooks his wife had created of their travels.

I don't know if you can read it, but there are inside jokes and parts that say "Lost!!" on this map.
So good.

This is the wonderful Pasciullo-Hubley clan.
Erica's parents, two engaging, caring, brilliant lawyers.
Grace, her beautiful sister (who is a wonderful hostess!).
Her father's parents who, no joke, took a bus traveling 26 hours to go to the Rally for Sanity in DC! I'm not even half as cool or engaged as them.
And her mother's father, the tour guide to the "magic" house, who had golfed in St. Andrews ("Beautiful town") and written 2 books!
I think jumping in that car to Boston was a good idea.

Then, when we got back, these guys had prepared a Mexican feast.
And we ate it.
And made mustache faces!
And then watched Harry Potter VI in preparation for this Friday(!!!!)

Sunday night, we had girls night with...
wine & cheese & roast chicken & roasted root veggies & cookies & flourless chocolate torte.
And some awesomely inspirational women who are going to be doctors.

Some of them are single, gentlemen.
Just sayin'.

"Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.

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  1. ah, those scrapbooks -- what a treasure!!! I really need to catch up on my scrapbook-making because I am years behind. Looks like it was an awesome impulse-trip! hooray for car-sleeping and friends' families and people from the NY days!