Friday, November 26, 2010

10 Steps: How to Properly Celebrate Post-Test

1. Take test.

2. Go to a convenience store that doesn't look like it would even have a grill in it.

3. Make sure it's a place that looks like even if it did have a grill in it, you definitely shouldn't order food from it, unless you want a one-way ticket straight to foodpoisoningville.

4. Order the Sizzler.
Voted "Best Burger" by Food Network.

Us: So what's on the Sizzler?
Guy: Everything.
Us: What do you mean by everything?
Guy: Everything you could possibly imagine.


5. Admire the grease.

6. The Sizzler

7. So we think "everything you can possibly imagine" includes:

1/2 pound of burger with tons of montreal steak seasoning
2 types of cheese

He was pretty much right.
And so was the Food Network.
It was a magical concoction that was even more delicious than the sum of its parts.

8. In a food coma, enjoy the awesome hair cuts and hilarious special effects from The Terminator (circa 1984) and play Dr. Mario on a Nintendo (also circa 1984).
(I sincerely hope my actual doctor skills are better than my Dr. Mario skills...)

9. Go home. Pack. Clean.
Then meet your friends for wine & cheese tasting!

10. Get on a plane and fly home for Thanksgiving!
Yay Thanksgiving!

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