Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to Earth.

This is not VT. This is Charleston, where I went for New Years. In which case, I would spend ALL my time outside.

 I decided instead of one big resolution for the year, I would make monthly resolutions.  Much more manageable, no?

Spend more time outside.

Don't worry, I took into account the fact that it is freezing in January in Vermont.
(Did I mention I live in Vermont again? Because I DO! Praise the Jesus.)
I wanted to force myself out into some good nature time when it's so easy to hibernate.
I did not, however, factor in that I am doing an intense OB/Gyn rotation,
which necessitates me going into the hospital when it's dark
...and leaving when it's dark.

so far,
it seems my outdoor time will be walking to and fro from the hospital.
This morning,
that was not so pleasant.
It was the kind of cold that makes you cry involuntarily.
But tonight,
walking home,
I relished the cold biting the tips of my ears
and slathering a frozen layer of skin over my face,
because it was nice to feel something so intense 
after a beige day...
that seemed to last a week.
Welcome back to earth indeed.

Highlight of the day:
I worked with a nurse midwife named Krista and we treated a patient named Christa.
I kid you not.
That's more Krista's then I've meet in my whole life...
in one room...
at the same time.

"Some days are diamonds;
Some days are rocks.
Some doors are open;
Some roads are blocked."
-Tom Petty

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  1. I would say I miss the cry-inducing cold... but I don't. I'm glad someone is having actual winter though! That is too awesome about the Krista^3. Love you!