Monday, February 11, 2013

Prayer Flags

Hi lovely people!

So, I ventured into the land of silk screening
added a new section to the Etsy shop to sell said creations!
Meet, the prayer flags.

Traditional prayer flags 
  are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. 
It is thought
in Tibetan buddhism,
the flags do not carry prayers to the gods,
but rather
let the prayers and mantras
be blown on the wind
good will and compassion to all
the wind touches.

I thought we could all use
some modern day mantras.
I'm hoping to beef up my Etsy shop
with both creations and vintage finds over the next few months
and see if it can be a support source
for the 
adventures in this next year.

First on the adventure list...
is doing a rotation in an HIV clinic in Zambia.
All the proceeds
from the prayer flags would go toward that.

if you would care to purchase anything (here),
become an official follower of the blog (on the right there),
spread the word about the Etsy shop,
or share my facebook posts,
I would be oh so
eternally grateful.

You really are great.


May all beings have happiness and its causes, 
May all beings be freed from suffering and its causes; 
May all beings constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow;
May all beings dwell in equal love for those both close and distant. 
-Tibetan Buddhist Prayer-

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