Monday, February 18, 2013

Weight in Gold

There are moments every day
that flow like poetry
right in the middle 
of the mundane.

I've been missing them.
I've been taking too many steps and getting no where fast.
And days for me turn kind of gray
unless I can live the poetry of them.

Unless I pause on my walk
up the stairs,
on my way to return emails
and pay bills,
peel back the curtain,
and rest my head against the glass
to drink in the glowing sunset
with my warm tea.

Unless I sink my body into a 
hot hot bath
and feel the burn of my frozen toes thawing.

Unless I pause during the surgery
and stop hearing my attending
physiology questions for me,
 because I am staring at a human heart
and it is beating.  

That was my day.
The other moments were just steps along the path.


  1. Every time you post something about your day to day it's like, holy shit, I can't believe you DO that. Surgeries, looking at hearts, all of that. Holy shit.