Monday, August 22, 2011


Because it has the best summer moments...
Braves baseball.


S'mores with family.

Introducing the International Man o' Mystery to Sunset Cove at home, aka the Redneck Yacht Club.
All those boats you see behind us are not at a dock.
They are tied up to each other.

Partying like we're 21.

Remembering we're not 21, have been working in a hospital all summer, and have the pastiness to prove it.

Continuing the new family tradition of running the
Peachtree Road 10k Race
on the morning of the 4th of July
in tutus.

Back in Burlington, dance partying for Lizzie's 30th.

While wearing Lizzie buttons!

Charlie and the girls.
Per usual.

Attending a classmate's beautiful summer wedding.

In a birch grove.

On top of a mountain.
It was seriously like a movie wedding.

Going to Camp. Camp Lizzie.

Complete with photobooth.


And yep.

Swimming holes in Vermont.

Sister reunion after a year apart!

Rocking out to summer songs.

Catching some waves.

Doing some light summer reading.

Late night cards and beer with family.

And spending a week with 75 of my closest relatives at
Buckfest 2011!

Yeah, July was pretty great.
Not ready for summer to be over yet!


  1. Wow...yet again your month seems to be better than mine! I just wonder if August could top it?! Love the pic of you rockin out to summer songs...classic! And yay for Buckfest!! X T

  2. Awesome awesome pics... Not to mention an excellent, crazy full month. I love that one of you (and your hair) dancing especially!