Monday, August 8, 2011

Revolutionary Papa

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My roommate and I watched Part 1 of the epically long Che this weekend.
I know he's an extremely polarizing character and has ironically become the most commercialized photo in history.
But this film will stir up some revolutionary longings in your heart, man.
It will make you scoff at yourself for being politically correct instead of listening to that child voice inside your head that screams against injustice.
It might even make you step back from your cubicle and remember that there are ideals worth fighting for.

But the real thing that captured my imagination was,
how do you manage love,
how do you have a family,
how do you give enough to your children
and still give all your passion to your cause?

It's a hard question for men,
but I think it's an even harder question for women.

I don't have an answer,
but I liked these photos of Che and his family.


"Above all, try always to be able to feel deeply any injustice committed against any person in any part of the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary."

-Che, in his final letter to his children

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  1. Yeah, I mean I get overwhelmed with just working and a few singing gigs and trying to cook dinner occasionally. There are people who do so much more so much better than I do... somehow I always get spread too thin or the balance of things I enjoy/am passionate about is way out of whack. I have no idea, but I hope some day I'll figure it out just a little. Those are awesome photos.