Friday, August 19, 2011

Small homes: Part 1

I've loved Airstream trailers for a while and
always thought it would be amazing to travel cross-country.
But the idea of living in a trailer
was really sparked by this beauty.

I saw this "Writer's Retreat" as it's called
on a run around
Shelburne Farms last fall.

I swooned.

I daydreamed about living in it for days.

I called Shelburne Farms and asked them where they found such a dreamy trailer.

They told me Yestermorrow, a design/build school, had made it for a class project.

I called Yestermorrow and asked them if they could pretty please make me one too.
They said I would have to design it.
And they couldn't guarantee the class would finish it.
So I started looking into lots of different mobile, sustainable small housing options.
And, hey, it turns out there are a LOT of small housing options.
So I want to share them all with you guys,
but that will take more than one post.

Oh, and this was the view on the other side of those trees.
Not your average trailer park.


  1. I just read this in the New Yorker on my flight home, made me think of you: I'll get you the full text one way or another :)

  2. Oh yeah, I definitely ran across his work in my researching! Awesome!