Monday, September 27, 2010

Love Tires.

These wonderful creations were brought to my attention by the dapper, ipad-toting, karaoke-superstar talent of Med School Tech.
I love anything that takes the ordinary and makes it beautiful, magical, something to smile about.
(Especially when hearts are involved.)
I used to dream that places like the department of transportation would grow a sense of humor and made road signs beautiful, creative, amusing.
Although apparently they do it without trying sometimes.

I hope they still have singles available.


I'm......confused. So is Toto.

Hahahahaha...oh man, I love this one. Best.Mental.Image.Ever.

And this one was at my college! I found these on Google and this popped up!

This alley was across the street from my house...I would go down Butts Wynd to the computer lab to use a computer, because I didn't have one my senior year...because I plugged it into a voltage converter AND flipped the converter switch on the back of the tower...computers tend not to work very well after they start smoking out of the back...and that, Med School Tech, you can post on your site, in return for finding me bicycle tires with hearts on them.

[Bet you didn't see that coming full circle! Don't worry, I didn't either.]

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