Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are headed North.

Load the car and write the note.
Grab your bag and grab your coat.
Tell the ones that need to know.
We are headed north.
-The Avett Brothers
"I and Love and You"

(Belated) scenes from the drive from Atlanta to Vermont with my friend Michael...

Watched the sunrise over the lake with my sister to start the day off right
Morning faces! Also, you can't quite tell in this picture, but Kara's shirt has aliens on it. She also went to Space Camp. Twice. But she's really cool, I promise! Love you sissy!
Yes, we drove with a bed on top of our car.
Yes, I got judged.
By a woman in a van.
With a confederate flag license plate.
We stopped for dinner in Burlington, VIRGINIA!
I know, I was confused too.
We stayed with a friend outside of Charlottesville, and awoke to this...
Hello morning swim! Nice to meet you. What are you doing for the rest of my life?
I know. Ridiculous. This place is getting its whole own post, don't worry. Suffice it to say, said friend lives in the caretakers cottage on a plantation on the James River and the owner is never there. Swoon.

Happy face.

Another happy face. One last Waffle House stop before we got too far north.

We got stuck in a huge downpour. With a bed on top of the car. Luckily Michael had a tarp! So we pulled over, covered up the beds, and read for a bit. Who travels with a tarp you might ask? But this man doesn't go anywhere without a tarp, a knife, and a lighter, because you know, you never know. He's also the guy who made the french onion soup AND did the dishes. I know, if I didn't have a picture of him, I would've believe he existed either.

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