Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Med School Ironies.

What I can't remember: Drug names. Actually, scratch that, I can't even pronounce them. Diltiazem. Guanethidine. Trastuzumab. Exsqueeze me? Is that Elvish? Did they hire Tolkien to make up a new language of drug names impenetrable to the race of man? Bleomycin, son of Lepirudin, from the land of Isoniazid.

What I can remember: Where I got any article of clothing. Ever. Even socks and underwear. I have not discovered in which graduate school program this would be useful.

Reasons I might have ADD: I can't focus on studying a lecture for more than 15 minutes. Fact.

Reasons I don't have ADD: I can read blogs for hours when I'm supposed to be studying.

What I'm supposed to be doing here: Learning medicine to treat patients.

What I'm actually doing here: Cramming random information into my head to pass tests.


"A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself" -Jessamyn West


  1. hahahaha -- maybe you should get goldfish or a cat or something and name them after your favorite/the most important drugs so you'll remember them. Guanethidine would be a great pet name... ;)

  2. Krista - I love your blog, but this post is by far my favorite!! Minus the medical aspects of it, I feel like I could implement this post into my life and it would fit perfectly. Oh, grad school, what are you doing to our poor little brains?!
    Hope med school is going (I hate when people say "I hope law school is going well" because the most important part about it is that it is GOING ... we're well past palliative adjectives) and that I get to see you at Christmas! xx